[mythtv-users] Pixelization with MPEG-4 recordings

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Oct 19 17:17:48 UTC 2004

Chris Petersen wrote:

>> I'm seeing a fair degree of pixelization in the darker regions and 
>> solid color regions of my MPEG-4 recordings.  As I recall I have this 
>> recording at 2200kbps with the standard quality controls in place 
>> from the base install.  Is there a setting that I can adjust (bitrate 
>> or quality) that will improve this scenario without drastically 
>> increasing the file sizes?
> Turn down (lower == better) the maximum quality slider to 1 or 0... 
> and should probably turn down (again, lower == better) the minimum, as 
> well.  I use 0->1 and 0->2 for my high/low quality recording types.
What is your average file size for a one hour recording?  I thought I 
tried that once and my recordings were huge.


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