[mythtv-users] Rescan mythvideo videos from mythweb?

Niklas Brunlid nbr at ticalc.org
Tue Oct 19 15:44:33 UTC 2004

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 16:20:23 +0100, VJ <vj at vijaygill.homelinux.net> wrote:

>> I nuvexported a recording remotely and put it under my mythvideo folders
>> to avoid having to reconfigure my firewall, but the new video file  
>> didn't
>> appear in mythweb. I assume it has to force mythvideo to rescan for  
>> files
>> somehow - where do I do that?

> You will have to run mythvideo module on the front-end connected the the
> database shared by your mythweb.
> VJ

Please don't top post.

I didn't have access to the frontend at the time. By "remotely" I mean I  
ran nuvexport through ssh:ing to my combined frontend/backend. I'd rather  
not run mythfrontend through X through ssh, hence my question if mythweb  
can force mythvideo to re-scan the folders.

/ Niklas

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