[mythtv-users] Video Stutters on Watch Recordings

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Tue Oct 19 13:41:24 UTC 2004

Dana Hata wrote:

>When I watch my recorded TV programs in mythfrontend, the video/audio
>seems to slow to a crawl (like 3 fps), then speeds up to normal, and
>then back to stuttering.  The CPU usage during this stuttering is about
>normal (~60%).  I can run the exact same file in mplayer or any other
>video app and it plays just fine.
>Does anyone know how to fix this?  If not, is there a way to make myth
>use mplayer to display its recorded TV shows?
I was just thinking the same thing, for us with problems it would be 
nice to have an option to view the file using mplayer instead of the 
built in player. I have problems watching anything recorded from abc in 
hd. The audio does not work. Using oss (/dev/dsp) I get muted audio from 
the right speaker only. If I try ALSA:spdif I get an error message about 
channel count %i: number of channels: 6. If I try ALSA:default I just 
get pops and hisses. Mplayer using a simple -ao alsa plays the file 
perfectly through all my speakers.

Maybe a menu option on the popup menu that is displayed when you press 
the right arrow on a recorded show that will let you play in external 

- James

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