[mythtv-users] Incorrect time when viewing recording in progress

Kyle Rose krose+mythtv at krose.org
Tue Oct 19 12:43:37 UTC 2004

Doug Larrick <doug at ties.org> writes:

> 1. Check your database.  Run the mysqlcheck command as described in the 
> docs.

Every time I boot (which is often :) ).

> 2. Make sure you have data in your 'recordedmarkup' table in the 
> database, for the show in question.

Yep, it's there.

> 3. Make sure the frontend sees data from recordedmarkup.  Run 
> 'mythfrontend -verbose playback' and look for a line like 
> "SyncPositionMap prerecorded, from DB: n entries".  If n is 0, there's 
> your problem.

Yep, got one of those with non-zero n.

> 4. If your files are served by NFS or SMB (Windows/Samba), you could be 
> running into the 2 GB file size limit.  This was discussed fairly recently.

Well, it can't be a file *size* limit, because most of the files on
that NFS partition are >2 GB.  But something related to file size is
probably the culprit: perhaps myth isn't using the right syscalls to
update the file size when it goes over 2 GB?

> As an aside, you can rebuild your positionmap with mythtranscode; try 
> --help.

FWIW, the last time my recordedmarkup table was corrupted, I had much
different behavior than I'm seeing now: ffw and rew would be very
slow, which isn't what I'm seeing here.  I'm willing to bet this is
*not* the problem, especially since every time I go back into the
recording, the length on the progress bar updates to the "current"
length but never gets longer until I quit viewing and go back in.

> I just noticed you said "recording in progress."  There were a couple 
> fixes here in the past couple months; you might want to try CVS.

Have been running CVS since January.


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