[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase + tv_grab_uk_rt

Matt Collins matt at clues.com
Mon Oct 18 12:29:58 UTC 2004

Hi All,

Has anybody had any problems with this? I found a bug or two in the tv_grab_uk_rt grabber,
and after fixing them up then found myth would require manually supplying all the channel
data channel by channel to get the database fill working. (it didnt prompt for available
channels and died without error if an invalid channel name was supplied).

I've hacked up a bit of script to 'skeleton' populate the channel DB with channel numbers,
etc, using 1000+<number> for chanid, <number> for channum, descriptions from the RT site,
callsigns from the XMLTV grabber and icons from the tv_grab_uk_bleb iconlist file where
its possible to automatch.  After finding the iconurl we just use LWP to pull it down to
the mythtv users 'channels' dir and leave it with the same filename it had on the remote
web site.

This is based around a sky digital package with so many channels manual input for everything
would be a pain in the backside - however, I cant find any online up to date reference for
the channel numbers used by Sky for changing via IR blaster, so that still needs to go
in manually.


1) Anyone else had that problem? Got a more elegant fix?
2) Anyone want my fixed tv_grab_uk_rt or the makechan.pl channel table filler?
3) Anyone know where I might find an online reference of Sky channel name -> Channel number?
4) Is just leaving freqid blank and using an arbitrary number for chanid ok? :)

Example bootstrapped entry:
| chanid | channum | freqid | sourceid | callsign             | name                           | icon                                                               | finetune | videofilters | xmltvid                                       | recpriority | contrast | brightness | colour | hue   | tvformat | commfree | visible | outputfilters |
|   1004 | 4       | NULL   |        1 | 4                    | Channel 4                      | /home/mythtv/.mythtv/channels/logo_wh.gif                          |     NULL |              | channel4.com                                  |           0 |    32768 |      32768 |  32768 | 32768 | Default  |        0 |       1 |


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