[mythtv-users] HDTV on Myth -- is it a "myth?"

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at mrl.nyu.edu
Mon Oct 18 12:58:31 UTC 2004

I think the v4l2 signal interface in the 2.6.x drivers changed the
thresholds range a bit. I don't mind patching the low end threshold to
40% if it is working for people.

-- Daniel

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004, Jarod Wilson wrote:

]On Tuesday 12 October 2004 12:58, Anthony Vito wrote:
]> Jarod Wrote:
]> > here (48), and also works fine at 50. ABC, CBS, WB and PBS all come in
]> > around 60-70, no problems with any of them.
]>  No WB here :'(  All I want to watch is gilmore girls! ( yes, my only
]> source of content is OTA digital, no cable, no NTSC. )
]Heh. The only thing I don't get in HD now is UPN, but I think I have slight
]interest in maybe one show on that network...
]> > Are you running a straight-up pcHDTV 1.3 driver, or are you using the
]> > 1.4ulmo patches also?
]>  I have to give credit where credit is due. I use the 2.6.7 patch and
]> videodev.h found here.
]> http://www.nop.org/inkling/dtv/
]Huh, cool.
]>  This is where I read the LED status being in the driver. He patched
]> it to be feed out with the signal strength. Then his pchdtvr program
]> picks it up. Nice program BTW. He claims he doesn't use Myth, oh well.
]> I patched this against the 2.6.7 kernel and have had great success....
]> No sure it really differs much from the 2.6.6 patch on pchdtv.com
]> functionally, ( diff between them spits out a lot )
]The documentation on that site seems to indicate the LED status monitoring is
]the only significant addition. Your mention of it got me thinking about
]looking at the lights on my card while trying to tune NBC and FOX (both right
]around 50). I took a look at the lights while running the signal program, and
]with readings in the 45-52 range, the green light was locked in solid, so I
]went ahead and manually edited my db to set the low-end threshold to 45
](since the slider only goes down to 50), and wouldn't you know it, even with
]signal strength fluctuating between 45-47 (on FOX), I can watch them just

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