[mythtv-users] tuner problems and some general questions

Christoph Jahn cjahn.ml at gmx.de
Mon Oct 18 06:24:22 UTC 2004

Nick Tan wrote:
> Now some general questions...
> The picture quality of the live TV is pretty poor.  I think its the old 
> capture  card, but it also could be the TV-out on the nvidia.  Does 
> anyone else use the FX5200 TV-out (svideo) and have bad quality 
> pictures?  By bad quality, I mean that the colours are washed-out and 
> its not as sharp as it should be.  I'm considering getting a Hauppage 
> PVR-250, which I'm thinking will improve the quality a fair bit, as its 
> MPEG-2.

Encoding things to MPEG2 will, by definition, never increase the 
quality. What will do this, in case of the PVR-250, might be the fact 
that it has a reasonably good tuner.

Whether your problem really lies with the capture card could probably be 
  found out by playing a DVD using the TV-out of your Nvidia card.


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