[mythtv-users] Control all from TV

Jonathan Link jonathan.link at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 12:02:40 UTC 2004

> Basic desision between 250 and 350:
> Do I:
> - want to use the TV-OUT, save loads of  CPU time and caugh up an extra
> $100+ ? => Go for the 350
> - don't want the TV-Out and don't care about same CPU time here and
> there and save a buck or hundred => Go for the 250
> Two snags with the 350:
> - The hardware decoder only works in combination with TV-Out and
> - Transcoding your recordings is NOT advisable, so you're stuck with 2
> to 3 Gb of recording per 1.5 hours or so.
Just to put my $.02 in.
If you have a high end TV, I think spending the $100 you'd use on a
$350 would be better served on buying an Audio Authority 9A60 VGA to
Component Video converter.  I use MythGame, and MythDVD, and some have
reported problems (with MythGame) with a 350.  I had a similar setup*
on an older PII 400 box for nearly a year, and didn't find I had a
problem with CPU time, although Myth is the only thing this box did,
and my 250's did all the encoding.

*I use the RCA 9300821 VGA to Component Video adapter.

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