[mythtv-users] Control all from TV

Blues Guy bluesguy at stny.rr.com
Tue Oct 19 01:31:32 UTC 2004

Daniele Bartoli wrote:

>I have been looking into creating a PVR and I have several issues that
>I have not found the answers for.
>Can I fully control the PVR from my TV?  I would perfer not having to
>place a monitor, keyboard, and mouse next to my TV.
>Perferrably, I would be able to control all PVR actions through the TV
>and system maintenance would be accessable remotly from aother PC on
>my home network.  Is this how this works?
For many people, yes.

>Then the issue of video cards such as the PVR-250 vs. PVR 350?  Any thoughts?

1)  Search the archives.
(http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users).   This is covered
about once a week.
2)  You can also find more info by searching the myth wiki
or the ivtv wiki

All the information is out there.  Start reading. :-)

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