[mythtv-users] Can't add satellite with DVB-S in North America, FTA signal

Endaf Jones endaf.jones at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 19:58:35 UTC 2004

I attempting to setup free to air signal on my Nexus-S card (v2.2).  The signal
I'm trying to setup is NASA on EchoStar 7 (119W) at 12297 LHCP.

I can manually tune to this with szap and get FE_LOCKED.  I then can
use mplayer and view the stream with no problems.  This tells me that
my card is properly setup in terms of the kernel and my satellite
hardware is aligned / functional.

MythTV was compiled from CVS (a day or two ago) with DVB.  I have
MythTV currently working with my PVR-250 capture card and all is well
(I can view channels and see a guide).  (I've also tried 0.16)

But, when I try to add my DVB card, I can't get past the inital setup
in MythTV. I wondering if this is a GUI issue ?

Here's what happens

$ mythsetup

Select "2. Capture Cards", then "(New capture card)".  Select "Card
type: Digital Video Broadcast card (DVB)".

My tuner is proper selected, as card-type (DVB-S)

I hit "Advanced Configuration" and go into "Satellite Configuration". 
When I'm there it defaults to "Single DVB".  I jump to "0.
Unconfigured" and hit "M".

I fill in:
Satellite Name: EchoStar 7
Satellite Position: 119W
LNB LOF Switch: 0
LNB LOF Low: 11250000
LNB LOF High: 11250000

Hit Finish.

The screen returns and I can see that my LNB and Satellite
setup.  I hit Finsih again and I return to the "Configuration" pop-up.

I select "Card Verification Wizard".    I can enter the following:

Frequency: 11297000
Symbol Rate: 20000000

But when I jump to Satellite, there is no selection of the satellites
I have just configured.......  There is also some other options on
that page that do not apply to DVB-S cards (that I'm aware of)

I wondering if the "Card Verification Wizard" dosn't know it's a
satellite DVB card, and goes into perhaps DBS-C or DBS-T GUI mode

I can't go any further into the setup without being able to proper use
the satellite setup page.

I'm not sure how anyone can get DVB-S configured, without manually
punching in sql statements (I'd be willing to do that if someone has

# Endaf

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