[mythtv-users] Remote Not working In Mythtv

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 17 17:28:31 UTC 2004

Wayne Steenburg wrote:

>On Sun, 2004-10-17 at 11:03, David Phillips wrote:
>>Good Mornig All,
>>My Setup is as follows. I have a 1.8 processor. 256
>>Meg of ram, WinTV GO Tuner capture card with the Black
>>remote. Using Mythtv 0.16 and FC2. All is working well
>>except the remote in Mythtv. I can see the output when
>>I open a terminal and input "IRW" The remote is
>>working fine in that area. I placed the approiate
>>lircrc file in the mythtv/home directory. 
>>Question one is do I need another file in the
>>Mythtv/home directory for it to work?
>>Question two is do I need to do anything to the lircrc
>>file for it to work in Mythtv if it is the standard
>>I want to use another remote, but at this time I just
>>want it to work with the Hauppauge remote until I feel
>>comfortable messing with the lircrc file. I have been
>>working on this for sometime now and I have baby
>>steped through the problems I have had. I feel I am
>>very close right now.
>>Thanks in Advance.
>Hi David, since running irw gives you output when you use the remote
>that tells me that you have a /etc/lircd.conf in place.  The lircrc file
>belongs in /home/mythtv/.mythtv .  If you just have it in your home
>directory I don't believe myth will find it.  If lircrc is in it's
>proper place, then make sure the button names are exactly the same in
>both files.  I hope this gives you a good start, otherwise post again
>with more info.
>Wayne Steenburg
Hi Wayne,

What do you mean " If lircrc is in it's proper place, then make sure the 
button names are exactly the same in both files. "  What 2 files?

 I have the same problem and I still can't get the grey Haup. controller 
to work inside mythtv. I log on as user: mythtv and I have a directory 
named: "/home/mythtv/.mythtv" and inside that directory are 3 files (all 
the same content: from Jarod's site "MythTV native LIRC config file for 
the grey Hauppauge remote. By Jarod Wilson, 2003/12/21) named: lircrc, 
.lircrc, .mythtv. (I created 3 files cause I found discrepency in docs)

But, I still have no luck getting the controller to work inside mythtv.

Any help would be appreciated
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