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> Subject: [mythtv-users] newbie questions
> Hi All,
> I have a few quick and naive questions before I delve into building myself a
> mythtv box.
> If I pre-program a mythtv box to record something on a particular channel how
> does it switch channels on a cable reciever or a dish tv receiver ? Does this
> work for digital cable ?
Depending on your cable/satellite receiver you can connect it to the Myth
box via a serial cable or use what's referred to as an IR Blaster that you
connect to the Myth box and position in front of your receiver and it beams
IR signals to the receiver to change channels. I use a serial cable to a
very common Motorola/General Instrument DCT-2000 series digital cable
receiver along with a script included with Myth to change the channels and
it works perfectly. I haven't used an IR Blaster but would consider that a
second choice if your receiver doesn't have an (active) serial port.
> To view the recorded files on my tv, do I need a tv tuner card with a TV-out
> (like the PVR-350) or are there other better (quality) options ?
Yes, you can use a PVR-350's TV Out or a video card with TV out. I don't
have a PVR-350, but I think it's supposed to have very nice TV Output.
Otherwise, others use the TV Out (SVIDEO) port on most newer video cards.
Nvidia based cards seem to be the best supported under Linux and the
cheapest ones with TV-Out can usually be had for $20 after rebate. Many,
including me use an older Nvidia MX-440 based card and it works great.
> Do I need more than one tv tuner card if I want watch something and record
> something else ? Is this even possible ? Do I need multiple cable receivers
> (or 
> dish tv receivers) too ?
With one tuner card, you can watch a recording while it records something
else. If you want to record two tv programs at once or watch one show (thru
the Myth box) while recording another, you'll need two tuners. And thus,
you'd need two (or more) cable/satellite receivers if you want to record
programs from those sources. I only have one tuner and cable receiver, but I
have my cable split so I can also watch non-scrambled analog channels below
100 just using the normal TV's tuner when another program is recording on
the Myth box using the cable receiver.
> What about for sound ? The only thing I am familiar with is spliting the
> headphone output (using this cable I got from Radioshack) into the
> Red/White composite inputs to my receiver. Are there other better options
> ?
If you're referring to output from your sound card's headphone/speaker jack
to your stereo receiver or TV inputs, then that is what I'm doing. Depending
on your sound card I'd guess there are other options including digital
> TIA,
> Pranab
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