[mythtv-users] make a copy of .nuv as .mpg

MythTV (Jim) mythtv at hribnak.com
Sat Oct 16 18:13:22 UTC 2004

Matt Hannan wrote:

> OK, I am starting to freak out.
> I have a PVR-350, so I want to copy my recorded shows (.nuv) to .mpg 
> so that I can watch the shows from a Windows client on the network.
> Sounds easy, right? Oh how I wish!
> I guess I am just being greedy, but I do not want to mv or rename the 
> files, I just want to make a new copy of them with the .mpg extension 
> and place them in an already Samba shared directory.
> I tried
> cp /storage/TV/recording/*.nuv /storage/Videos/*.mpg
> and I am getting this error message:
> cp: `/storage/Videos/*.mpg': specified destination directory does not 
> exist
> But /storage/Videos DOES exist!!!
> I know that this has to be a wicked easy thing to do, but I am having 
> a really rough time of it...and I am even embarrassed to be asking the 
> question, as I have 3+ years experience with Linux.
> Is it the wildcard * that is screwing me up here?
> The ultimate goal is to drop the statement into a cron job and have it 
> execute in the early morning hours.
> I will then have the ability to watch/manage the recordings thru 
> MythTV (as .nuv files) or watch/manage them out on the network as .mpg.
Someone had a utility to create a Sym link from the .nuv file to what 
ever you wanted (you just modifed the script)  then add this directory 
as a Samba share, this way your not having duplicate copies of the same 
file.  Saves on Space..  I played with this for a while while I tested 
my MythTV out.  If I had to Duplicatye every file  (show) I would need a 
terrabyte of space *well I do have this but only 500 gig is alloted to 

The Symlink method worked Awesome.. Run it as a cron even every 30 mins 
or so, if you are doing frequent recordings or once a day or what ever 
tickles your fancy..


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