[mythtv-users] Color artifact

Mark Woodward mcrwoodward-mythtv at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 16 12:16:12 UTC 2004

I'm seeing a strange artifact on saturated colors. First off,  I have my 
mythbox connected to my HDTV via a standard vga RGB cable from the G400 
video card. The effect is most noticeable on reds but I can see it on 
other rich colors. Its like looking through a screen door or the pixel 
effect you get from LCD projectors.  At first I though it might be a 
color depth problem but X is set up to use 24bpp as default and 32bpp 
for the framebuffer. It's not an issue with the TV since DVD/HDTV looks 
fine via component connections.
So is it a problem with the G400 card? Just the nature of the RGB 
connection? Anyone else seen this problem or connect to a TV via RGB?


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