[mythtv-users] Slow/choppy playback problem (not the usual ones, either!)

Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Sat Oct 16 01:40:34 UTC 2004

Joshua M. Thompson wrote:
>>Also, is the box capable of using IO-APIC on UP ?  That will distribute 
>>IRQs, maybe something is sharing IRQs that doesn't like sharing.  That 
>>would require a kernel rebuild.
> As far as I know there is no ioapic on this motherboard. But even IRQ
> problems should not cause such a huge difference in X's CPU usage...myth
> is definitely doing something different than mplayer here. Why else
> would myth make the X server use 10x as much CPU?

Sometimes it's there but disabled by the BIOS.  You could try it out if 
you have time.  I also like to tweak the kernel using -Os by editing the 
top level Makefile and replacing all occurences of -O2.  Maybe mplayer 
has different optimizations by default.  Can you rip apart the SRPM and 
take a look at it's configure and Makefile ?


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