[mythtv-users] re-airings of new episodes marked as "Repeat" instead of "Earlier showing"?

Adam Berson adam at adamberson.com
Sat Oct 16 00:22:57 UTC 2004

I was trying to resolve a conflict, and I noticed something odd

There is a 9pm showing of MythBusters on 10/20 on Discovery.  This same 
episode airs again at 12am on 10/21, and at 3pm on 10/24.  I have Myth 
set to only record new episodes, and it plans to record the original 9pm 
airing, but for some reason the later showings of the new episode are 
marked in my Upcoming Recordings list with an "r" for repeat instead of 
an "E" for earlier showing.  This is preventing Myth from automatically 
recording one of these later episodes and resolving my conflict.

AFAICT, this shouldn't have anything to do with the "reschedule higher 
priority recordings" checkbox, they should still show up as "E"... but I 
checked the box anyway, and it didn't help.

I have other episodes correctly showing an E, and I thought the 
repeat-marking had a 2 week window to allow shows to re-air before 
calling them repeats.

Is there some explanation for this, or is MythBusters actually Busting 
MythTV... ?


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