[mythtv-users] Giant test of WinXP Media Center Edition 2005

Bob Cottingham bob at bobnvic.com
Fri Oct 15 20:30:16 UTC 2004

kedlm at charter.net said:
>> Tim Litwiller <tim at litwiller.net> said:
>> I like the slideshow feature in MCE that keeps zooming or panning a
>> picture until it changes
> You can run glslideshow (part of xscreensaver) if you want the pan/zoom
> features.  That's what I do.

I'd like to use glslideshow, but thought that mythtv still didn't support
xscreensaver triggers.  I last time I looked, mythtv only supported DPMS. 
This is one of the things I've really been looking forward to being added.
 Do you just run it separately, or is it working with myth?  By working, I
mean kicking in on the menu screen and not while playing recordings or
live tv.

Bob C

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