[mythtv-users] Stereo sound with PVR-250

Mats Cedergren mats.cedergren at 5d.se
Fri Oct 15 20:18:17 UTC 2004

Are you using any internal sound cable between the PVR-250 and your

When I watch movies (not recorded with the PVR-250 card) or listen to music
I gets full stereo sound. 
I have also tried to use "mplayer /dev/video0" but I only get mono there to.

When I rebooted the computer into WindowsXP (have dual boot for the moment)
I got nice stereo sound.

My setup is: 
(The base setup is done following "jarod's" guide)
Fedora Core 2 (upgraded to kernel 2.6.8-1.521)
Mythtv 0.16 (ivtv upgraded to ivtv-0.1.10-pre2-ck114z)
HauppaugeWinTV PVR250
Shuttle SN41G2V2
AMD Athlon XP2600+ 1.917 GHz
512mb ram
80+160 GB HD


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On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 15:39, Mats Cedergren wrote:
> Is anybody getting stereo sound with there PVR-250 cards under linux? I
> get mono :(
> /Mats
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Working great here.  I would double check your alsa-mixer settings.  If
that's not the problem give us the relevant information and I'm sure we
can get it straightened out :)

Wayne Steenburg

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