[mythtv-users] PVR-350, ivtvdev_drv.o, KDE desktop taking priority when it shouldn't on FC2

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Oct 15 18:41:19 UTC 2004

On 10/15/2004 09:16 AM, Michael Fenston wrote:

> I'm having an issue with my mythbox where it appears the KDE desktop 
> is overriding the video output display on the PVR-350.  It happens 
> randomly while watching live TV sometimes.  I left live TV running all 
> day as a burn in test and came home to find the KDE desktop with the 
> mythtv GUI blacked out.  I can hear audio when this happens and can 
> usually get back to seeing video by changing channels.  It also 
> happens when I view the EPG overlay while watching live TV 
> (consistently) but I can get out of it by pressing the Menu button 
> twice.  Any ideas on a fix for this?
> I'm running Fedora Core 2, the latest at-stable 100zz ivtv stuff from 
> atrpms (as of this morning) and the ivtvdev_drv.o file from 
> http://membres.lycos.fr/badzzzz/

Sounds like something in KDE is writing to X.  Could be a clock 
(although you said it seems ramdomly-timed, so that's unlikely), a 
status monitor dock app, biff, or something like that.  Make sure any 
and all apps that update their displays (even if in a hidden toolbar) 
are turned off/removed from the display.


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