[mythtv-users] AIW radeon

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Oct 15 18:03:42 UTC 2004

On 10/14/2004 03:31 PM, Phil Bridges wrote:

>>Can anyone tell me exactly why the all in wonder radeon is not supposed
>>to work with mythtv?
>IIRC, the AIW Radeon would need to use the gatos drivers, which don't
>support it's functionality yet.  ATI hasn't been very fothcoming with
>specs on the Rage Theatre 200 chip.
>see http://gatos.sourceforge.net/supported_cards.php
Actually, if you read the big, bright red warning at the link you gave, 
you'll see:

ATI has recently provided documentation for this chip [Rage Theatre 
200], but it would be a while (at least 6 months) for anything usable to 
appear. This chip is quite powerful - but quite complex too.

This same warning has been there since at least February 2004 (so, I 
doubt the 6-months means anything).  Therefore, the problem isn't with 
ATI, but with the Gatos developers (or lack of developers) failing to 
provide support within the drivers.  Not blaming them--they're doing 
well with the number of developers working on the project (at least at 
accomplishing their own goals--which do not include providing V4L 
support)--just making sure that ATI doesn't get blamed, either.


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