[mythtv-users] MythWeb: Whatta Feature

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 23:07:18 UTC 2004

Slightly OT but would anybody be able to provide screen shots or at
least a feature list of what MythWeb provides?  I never got it running
and gave up but it sounds pretty funky.

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 16:50:00 -0500, Mercury Morris
<mercury.morris at gmail.com> wrote:
> Being quite frustrated with trial-and-error getting
> programs recorded from Composite 0 and Tuner 0,
> I started considering just giving up.  My thoughts
> had turned to shelving all the new hardware and
> buying a Telly - maybe even a Tivo (Oh - I shudder).
> But, when failure is all you've got, that's the time to
> turn in a new direction.  So, I tried to get MythWeb going.
> Following the MythTV HOWTO and Jarod's Fedora HOWTO,
> I set a password in Apache (I guess), and started up httpd.
> >From another machine, I tried
> and WOW!  What a nice tool MythWeb is.  Now, with MythWeb
> working, I just might go back into the trial-and-error cave for
> some more exploring.
> The one place in getting MythWeb up and running where I couldn't
> figure out what to change was  conf.php.  Specifically, where a sym-link
> is mentioned for telling where the video recordings are stored.
> If you have made such a sym-link (and I DO know what a sym-link is),
> in which directory is the sym-link supposed to be defined?
> Per Jarod's HOWTO, I created a separate partition for all video
> and it is mounted on /video.  /video has two directories, recordings
> and buffer.
> Also, I'm wondering if it's possible to play a recorded program on the
> machine from where I entered
> The recorded programs showed up on the webpage, and the thumbnails
> are clickable.  Do you play recorded programs this way?  if so, how?
> Thanks for any hints you might have.
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