[mythtv-users] mATX mobo best for undervolting?

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Thu Oct 14 19:36:12 UTC 2004


> It should be noted however,  that the odds of you finding a mobo that
> has good undervolting support and bad clocksetting support is very
> slim.  The other way around is very common.  Personally, I'm a big fan
> of my SOLTEK 75MIV2-L even though I had to order it from Canada.  It's
> got a lot of control open in the bios for clock speeds, voltage, and
> temp settings.

Yeah, have found only a single shop selling that board in the UK and I 
think I'll be more likely to go for that board as it seems to be 
recommended on this list and that it can go down to 1.1v core - I know I 
probably won't go that low, but it's nice to have room to play around 
with.  That board seems a little basic, but I think it's enough for a 
PVR and I won't use the snazzy features like firewire etc.


Cheers - Piers

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