[mythtv-users] X Freezes blank on 'watch tv'

Darren Boyd dboyd at its.to
Thu Oct 14 14:40:56 UTC 2004

[returning from vacation, sorry for the tardy reply]

Yes, I have managed to get everything working.  My problem was related 
to having incompatible versions of several modules trying to work 
together.  Specifically, the IVTV modules, and the PVR-350 X driver. 
Unfortunately, I do not remember the exact details of the drivers I was 
using, but I will outline what I have now (which is working).

I had to use relatively new IVTV drivers to get the new tuner type for 
Tuner #47.  The package I had did not come with the MSP3400 module.  So, 
I downloaded the IVTV source from Chris Kennedy's and compiled.  I then 
used the MSP3400 module, and the X driver from the compiled source.

At that point, things didn't work.  I was lucky enough to find a post 
referring to an archive of the 100z IVTV driver source.  I downloaded 
that, compiled it and used (only) the MSP3400 and the X driver from it 
and voila, everything worked.

My memories is vague here (like I said, just got back from vacation :)), 
sorry I don't remember all the details.

I believe that the newer packages available from ATRpms contain all the 
necessary pieces now.  If you are still having issues, feel free to send 
more questions my way.


soekul wrote:
> Darren,
>  I'm having the exact same problem as you, have you made any progress
> with this issue?
> -Luke
> On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 09:11:50 -0600, Darren Boyd <dboyd at its.to> wrote:
>>This is my first post so let me start by thanking everyone who has put
>>in countless hours into this project.  While my setup isn't quite
>>working (yet), I am so far very impressed.
>>I am just putting together my first Myth box by following Jarod's guide
>>on FC2.  The TV card being used is a PVR-350 and as it turns out it is
>>one with the 'new' tuner type (47).  Basically, I suffered the same
>>problem detailed here (nothing but snow from the tuner)...
>>I then upgraded my video4linux module...
>>root at gwenno:~# rpm -q kernel-module-video4linux-$MYKERNEL
>>This gave me the video I wanted to see, but I still do not have any
>>sound coming from the tuner.  From what I gather from this list, this
>>has something to do with the msp3400 module not being up to date in the
>>video4linux RPM above.  I don't quite understand how this all works, so
>>bear with me.  In short, I get this error:
>>kernel: msp3400: Unknown symbol msleep_interruptible
>>At this point Myth is working, except for the sound issue.  I decided
>>yesterday to compile the IVTV drivers from source to see if I could get
>>everything working.  I downloaded this file:
>>Everything compiled and installed.  And, it looks like the modules are
>>loading properly (output from the logs are attached).  When I try and
>>watch TV from mplayer everything is working fine.
>>$ mplayer /dev/video0
>>I can watch TV in either a window, or in fullscreen with audio.
>>In MythTV, however, it is quite a different story.  If I choose 'watch
>>TV' I get a blank screen.  The audio is working, as I can hear the same
>>channel that was in mplayer.  Using the remote, I can also change
>>channels.  The screen remains blank though.  After several seconds the
>>remote becomes unresponsive as well, and the audio will fail.
>>X, at this point, is basically frozen.  Running top from an SSH session
>>on a different machine shows me that X is at 99% CPU usage.  The only
>>way to regain control of the machine at this point is to 'kill -9' X.
>>Attached are the logs from the frontend, backend and from the IVTV
>>module initialization sequence from /var/log/messages.
>>If anyone could provide a hint of what I'm doing wrong, it would be very
>>much appreciated.

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