[mythtv-users] Subtitle (Teletext) recording and PVR-350?

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Thu Oct 14 14:37:13 UTC 2004

Steven, Joseph and Rudy;

Thanks very much for your comments.

 > You mention that you read that it doesn't work with a PVR-x50 and then
 > you ask if it works with a PVR-350... now that's confusing.

Steven - Yeah I realise that, but that person says subtitle support 
isn't available with digital cards and then goes on to mention PVR-x50 
cards that isn't supported which I know are analogue cards.  As you and 
the others have cleared up, it's due to different drivers.  Just wanted 
to clarify.

Anyway, this now makes me really nervous of buying a PVR-350 card 
considering as I rely totally on subtitles as I'm deaf - probably best 
thing for now is to buy a cheap analogue TV card for now, and upgrade to 
PVR-350 or direct to the DVB card once subtitle support is sorted for 
either of those?  But then again I've already an digital STB and I can 
use the PVR-350 to record from that as the subtitles is "pasted" on the 
screen - but subtitles on the STB is fairly spotty (loses out around 20% 
subtitles normally at around critical moments!  Not sure if it's the STB 
or my aerial that's to blame).  Hmm decisions, decisions...

But then again I could get both the PVR-350 and the Win-TV Express as 
the Express is only 30 quid or summat and enjoy the best of both worlds :)

Also what's the best way to find out when subtitle support is ready for 
the PVR-350 and/or the DVB (terrestrial/satellite) cards?

Thanks again for your help

Cheers - Piers

Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> On Thursday 14 October 2004 04:56, Piers Kittel wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>Just confirming - I spotted someone said that MythTV can record
>>analogue teletext but not DVB or the PVR-x50 cards - so I'd like to
>>confirm, is it possible to record analogue teletext - especially
>>subtitles - on the PVR-350?
> No, for now it's analog (bttv/V4L) cards only.
>>Is subtitle playback reliable?  This is very important for me - I
>>have an S-VHS recorder but subtitle playback is terrible.
> When I was using an analog WinTV card, it seemed to work just fine.  
> Eats up some extra CPU, though.
>>I assume MythTV records the teletext stream and when it's played
>>back, I use teletext on my own TV to access subtitles?
> Wrong.  Myth records the teletext or CC stream and uses its own subtitle 
> rendering code (OSD-fashion) to display them.  Your TV does not need to 
> support teletext/CC, and it wouldn't help if it did.
> -JAC

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