[mythtv-users] Replacing dead PVR250

Tim Tait t.tait at comcast.net
Thu Oct 14 01:39:21 UTC 2004


Christopher Flynn wrote:

>On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 21:33:13 -0700, Billy Macdonald <whmac33 at comcast.net> wrote:
>>     Next, are there any issues with the PVR250MCE's  I have no desire
>>for the remote, I already have those.
>Yes and no, I got one and I managed to set it up after patching my
>kernel and compiling the latest ivtv drivers. Now after getting some
>new components and messing up my original settings to the point where
>I just reinstalled debian I am having some issues with playback speed
>being too fast. I am going to try a suggestion of using an older
>driver to see if that helps.
>pcalchemy.com has a patch for ivtv that is supposed to be for the 2.4
>kernel so I haven't tried it. So it will work, it just requires a few
>extra steps. The new 150 and 500 cards aren't supported under linux
My PVR-250MCE seems to be working well... I orignally used 1.9 ivtv with 
the patch, but now am running one the later CK verions (110 something?). 
I don't recall making a kernel patch. I also only have the one card so 
can't comment on mix and match. I do like the built-in RCA jacks.


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