[mythtv-users] Installing a new AverMedia DVB-T 771 card

Ben Fitzgerald ben.fitzgerald at redmar.com
Wed Oct 13 21:59:34 UTC 2004


I've just taken delivery of a shiny, new AverMedia 771 DVB-T card and am trying to get 
it working under Redhat FC2 2.6.8-1.521

Anyone else out there got this going? I followed other suggestions, but I seem to be
missing a module called mt352. So, I d/led the latest linuxTV release and tried to 
compile it but this fell over every time during the make with an error stating

However, am I over-complicating this? I often read that DVB is included in the 2.6 
kernel, so do I need to even do any of this stuff??

Would appreciate any pointers, am I sure this is a part that many people have alerady
been down

Thanks in advance


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