[mythtv-users] Performance really sucks here :(

Christoffer Kjølbæk christoffer at kjoelbaek.dk
Wed Oct 13 20:33:58 UTC 2004


I think I have some problem with my installation here. I used Jarods
guide, on an Epia Via M10000n with a Hauppauge PVR-250.

Everything works, but it is slow! My CPU is 1GHz. Ripping a CD to oog,
takes about 30-60 minutes, when the is doing nothing but ripping.

When I use mythgallery watching pictures, it takes about 1-1½sec to
switch between picture. If I am watching the command "top" at the same
time, mythfrontend uses about 80% of the CPU.

Last, but not least, when I just press key-down, to move focus in the
menu, mythfrontend uses 80% of the CPU, and it takes about ½ sec.

Is this normal, or do I just have a problem? I can also say, that I have
constantly harddrive activity. The hdd-led is flashing all the time.

Hope someone can help, cause I really love my box, except for the
performance :)


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