[mythtv-users] fast audio and video

Scott Mazur mythlists at littlefish.ca
Wed Oct 13 19:00:26 UTC 2004


This was recently discovered on the ivtv list.  Your recoding Profile must be
set to 720 x 480 with the recent ivtv drivers.  I don't know if this is the
rule or only affects certain people (like me).  My default myth profile was
set for 480 x 480 (settings, TV, Recording profiles, MPEG-2 Encoders).  I
changed all my MPEG-2 Encoder sizes to 720 x 480 and now live TV and
recordings are fine.  Set it back to 480 x 480 and chipmunks again. 
Apparently, once Myth has set the 480x480 window on the card, mplayer will
follow it and playback chipmunks outside of Myth as well.

I'm back up and running with the latest IVTV drivers now :)


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