[mythtv-users] Onboard sound full-duplex ?

Maarten mythtv at ultratux.org
Wed Oct 13 18:11:39 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 13 October 2004 19:29, Tim Sailer wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 07:03:18PM +0200, Maarten wrote:
> > Maybe there is another solution I just thought of:  If you can make sure
> > that mythtv _always_ uses Card_1 for playback, there should be no
> > problems, right ?  Can that be done or is that infeasible ?  I think that
> > would be impossible, seen as one cannot predict which card is free at
> > which time, correct ?
> Card 1 being the first capture card or the first sound card? You specify
> the audio device for playback, so you can always play out through the
> builtin device.

With card_1 I meant the first capture card, not the first soundcard.  But I 
don't really think that makes any difference; you'll have two combos of 
<<capture card + connected soundcard>>.  And if one of those combos lack 
full-duplex, it will not be able to playback (or -worse- it could fsck up the 
ongoing recording when selecting it for playback). 

> Tim


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