[mythtv-users] fast audio and video

Scott Mazur mythlists at littlefish.ca
Wed Oct 13 03:39:04 UTC 2004

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 23:22:20 -0400, Christopher Flynn wrote
> Well I had mythtv up and running quite well on my Athlon 1.2Ghz
> machine with 256Megs RAM and a 40Gig hard drive. I decided I wanted
> more space and got a 200GB hard drive. Well my motherboard didn't
> recognize it and in fooling with things I managed to really screw up
> my installation. Now I have a 1.8Ghz Athlong, 512Megs RAM and a new
> motherboard that recognizes the 200GB hard drive. The only problem is
> now after re-installing linux and myth my video is running way too
> fast. The sound seems to be keeping up with it so people sound like
> chipmunks.
> It happens with Live TV and recorded TV. I am running a patched 2.6
> kernel and I have tried a few versions of Chris Kennedy's patches all
> with the same result. My video card is a nVidia 5200FX but I was 
> using that before when everything was working fine. It doesn't seem 
> to have Xv loaded, xvinfo returns: xlib: extension "XVideo" is 
> missing on display ":0.0". xvinfo: No X-Video Extensions on :0.0
> I'm also not sure how to install xv? I am using the latest nVidia
> drivers from nVidia. The video and audio also end up pausing briefly
> which I presume is because it's coming out faster than it's going in.
> Any ideas?

Let me guess?  PVR 250 card?  Used to work, but maybe you upgraded the ivtv
driver to something newer than ck114k?  If so then I've got the same problem.
 Ivtv driver ck114k works fine in myth, any driver after that plays live TV
and records video at super speed.  Makes recordings funny, and live TV just
plain painful.  I understand it has something to do with the audio format but
no idea what.  I also undertand that it affects very few of us, as most people
are using the newer drivers with no hint of problems.  Outside of myth I find
the newer ivtv drivers both capture video and play through mplayer at normal
speeds just fine.  Only in Myth does the problem appear.

Currently trying to sort it out on the ivtv list.  

Of course, we may have differnent problems ;)


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