[mythtv-users] Why only numeric IP addresses work?

Scott Mazur mythlists at littlefish.ca
Tue Oct 12 20:45:38 UTC 2004

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 15:53:21 -0400, Joseph A. Caputo wrote
> On Tuesday 12 October 2004 14:12, Scott Mazur wrote:
> > I'm going to re-drege this thread.
> >
> > My local network is setup on DCHP.  Other than the DCHP server box,
> > all the other boxes (including the myth master) are assigned
> > dynamically.
> >
> > When it comes time to setup another frontend box on the network, I'd
> > like to just point it to the name of the myth master, but instead I
> > have to set it to what really amounts to a temporary IP address. 
> > Now, realistically, the IPs assigned will probably never change on my
> > local network, but hard coding a dynamic IP address kind of defeats
> > the purpose.
> Other folks have already chimed in about how to give your boxen 
> static IP addresses, so I'll refrain from adding to the mix there, but...
> > Is there any plans for Myth to resolve host names?
> That would be the job of a nameserver.  If you don't have one on 
> your network you could set up your /etc/hosts file with the correct 
> hostname/IP address mappings (this also would require static IP 
> addresses).

Yes, I could set my myth server to a static IP in a second, but that is not
the point.  The reason the machines on my network have host names and dynamic
IPs is so that I don't have to fart around with the IP addresses every time I
add or remove some hardware.  There's a reason why host names exist.

For some of us, the myth server is just another application on another box on
the network, not the reason for the network.

It's not a network configuration problem.  It's reasonable expectation that
Myth understand domain names as well as IP addresses.


       The gethostbyname() function returns a structure  of  type
       hostent  for  the  given host name.  Here name is either a
       host name, or an IPv4 address in standard dot notation, or
       an IPv6 address in colon (and possibly dot) notation. (See
       RFC 1884 for the description of IPv6 addresses.)  If  name
       is  an  IPv4  or  IPv6 address, no lookup is performed and
       gethostbyname() simply copies name into the  h_name  field
       and  its struct in_addr equivalent into the h_addr_list[0]
       field of the returned hostent structure.

It's not rocket science.


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