[mythtv-users] Search Words confusion?

rcatrow rcatrow at vt.edu
Tue Oct 12 18:54:42 UTC 2004

Thanks Bruce, that clears it up alright!

Is this maybe a feature request? Is anyone else trying to do what I am doing? 
Basically I want myth to automatically search for and record a particular 
episode of a show.  It seems like something people would want.

A great example, I am always looking for that Simpsons episode where Bart and 
Lisa go on a model UN trip but get stranded on a an island Lord of the Flies 
style. I would love for myth to agressively hunt that out for me.

"We'll be kings, Damn Hell Ass Kings!"


>===== Original Message From Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com> =====
>rcatrow wrote:
>> I am confused about the way "search words" works.
>> My wife has requested that I be on the look out for the last two episodes 
>> Dawson's Creek: "All good things" and "Come to an End" or something simiar. 
>> I thought to my self "I'll just use the "Search Words -> Title" function so 
>> they ever come on (lord knows TBS shows Dawson's Creek about a billion 
times a
>> day) I'll be sure to get them. Well after playing around with both Search
>> Words -> Title, and Search Words -> Keywords, I am confused about how they
>> work.
>> It appears that if I search by "Title" if I type in "dawson" I get all
>> upcoming Dawson's Creek episodes. If I type in "dawsone%abby" (Abby is the
>> name of an episode that is currently in my program guide), I get no 
>> If I type in "abby" I get no results. Now, if I search by "Keyword" and 
>> in "dawson" I get all upcoming Dawson's Creek episodes. If I type in "abby' 
>> get the "Dawson's Creek: Abby" episode. But if I type in "dawson%abby" I 
>> nothing. This confounds me.
>> So I guess my question is how can I search by both title and episode name? 
>> can I not. It seems like "Keyword" allows you to search episode names, just
>> not in conjunction with title's?
>> I am seriously confused. Any help would be appriciated - at least by my 
>> anyways ; )
>There are three descriptive fields involved; title, subtitle and
>description. These are each stored in separate fields in the db.
>The search phrase has the SQL wildcard character appended to the
>beginning and end and the match is case insensitive. For Title, the
>check becomes something like "where title like '%dawson%abby%';"
>There are no titles that match this. For Keywords it checks all
>three fields so it becomes "where title like '%dawson%abby%' or
>subtitle like '%dawson%abby%' or description like '%dawson%abby%';".
>There are no subtitles or descriptions that match either.
>For the example you gave, the best way would be to simply find
>Dawson's Creek in the EPG, progfinder, conflicts list, or where
>ever and press "o" (see keys.txt) to get the upcoming episodes
>list. Given a title with subtitles, it lists the subtitles in the
>box and you can quickly find that "The Abby" is on TBS at 10am on
>the 20th. Press Enter for recording options.
>--  bjm
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