[mythtv-users] processor?

Gert van der Knokke gertk at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 12 18:27:33 UTC 2004

Ryszard wrote:

>I'm thinking of building a mythtv box, i've got in mind the pundit-r,
>hauppage 350 etc etc, and am wondering about processor speed, of
>course more is always better.
>i'm thinking of a celeron 2,4 for about 65-75 euro (in holland)
>is it enuff?
Depends on how much you expect, I run a Pundit(-s) with the VGA output 
connected to a 17" monitor for daylight viewing and a Sharp LCD video 
projector (older VIDEO only type) for big screen evening viewing, hooked 
up to the Pundit-s TV-out and it works like a charm.

Since you plan to put in a 350, recording won't take much CPU power. I'm 
reading mixed stories on the tv-out of the 350 though as it does not 
have any video or 3D accelleration, it does only MPEG2 decoding.
If you plan on playing games and playing DVD's the 350 is still 
troublesome (read slow), the original VGA of the SiS chipset inside the 
Pundit handles DVD playback and 3D games support without problems so you 
might consider buying a 250, use the Pundits standard TV-out and save a 
few bucks.

Must note that my Pundit runs now frontend only although I have ran it 
as a full MythTV system for some time with a simple BT878 card and it 
worked OK too.
Speed with a Celeron 2.4 is more than adequate.


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