[mythtv-users] minimalist hardware for mythtv backend using PVR-350 or PVR-250?

Andrew Plumb aplumb at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 16:30:55 UTC 2004

Hi Everyone,

What's the most minimal hardware you've run mythbackend on?

I have one of these little critters:


...the model with 128MB RAM and 128MB onboard flash, along with the
eval board.  It's basically an i686 class processor running at 266MHz.

Anyone used something equivalent or even less powered to control a
PVR-250 and/or PVR-350 via the MythTV backend?

Since all the important stuff is handled in hardware by the PVR-x50
card, I would expect it's quite possible.  Just wondering if someone
has already done it (or confirmed that it does not work) before I
plonk down cash for a second, for-play card.




If you don't know what to do, do something.

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