[mythtv-users] mpeg2 playback performance issue makes no sense

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Tue Oct 12 15:34:28 UTC 2004

> First, whether or not I have enough CPU crank to play back high quality 
> MPEG2.
> Once I know this, I can determine whether or not I need a 250 or a 350 to be 
> able
> to "watch live tv" in reasonbly high quality.

 	Funky filters notwithstanding (deinterlacing, on-the-fly color 
correction or denoising, etc), if you've got a vid card with Xv, you can 
play back DVD-quality MPEG2 files easily with a 450MHz Celeron.  Throw in 
kernel deint like I do on a PIII-750, and it takes about 40% CPU to play 
back an ivtv-recorded stream.

> Second, I want an objective method by which the playback settings can be 
> adjusted
> indepentdent of backend recording settings.  That is, if I have a "known good 
> recording"
> I can make adjustmets to playback knowing that none of the recording settings 
> are
> affecting the quality, etc. of the video.

 	Sounds like a good idea.
> Actually, even though the video skipped, etc. I was able to do the second 
> thing I was
> interested in getting done.  Now knowing what you've written here, I think I 
> can
> probably safely get away with a PVR-250.

 	Yes.  I think the PVR-350 is a nice idea and has potential, but 
the limitations on it (non-accelerated playback of non-MPEG2 files, driver 
bugginess, overlaying, etc) seem like an awful troublesome solution to a 
nonexistent CPU utilization problem.  The quality OTOH is another issue.

> I've searched the archives and asked the question several times and this is 
> the first
> response from any of my posts that tells me how to do this.  Thank you.
>> Finally, (and I'm not sure if this still holds true) you could simply 
>> launch the internal player from the command line with "mythtv <filename>".
>> -JAC
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