[mythtv-users] MythTV 16, combined front/backend crash.

Garry Gibson garry.gibson at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 14:24:46 UTC 2004

I took the plunge and upgrade from 15 to 16 over the weekend, but 16
absolutely kills my machine dead (only the power switch will cure)
when watching either live TV or a previously recorded recording. It'll
sometimes start working ok, then lock up, or start normally and
pressing pause or rewind is guaranteed to kill it. I always get left
with a frozen frame on the TV if it starts, or simply a black screen
if it dies before getting as far as showing a picture.

Nothing appears in either the front or backend logs, nor /var/log/messages.

It only happens when using mythfrontend on the combined front/backend
machine. If I use a frontend on another machine, everything works

The combined front/backend machine is...

Asus Pundit (1.7Ghz Celeron / 515mb memory)
SuSE 8.something, 2.4 kernel, KDE 3.1

I know myth can't kill the my machine being a user app and all, and
given the fact that it works using another frontend leads me to
believe it's got to be the TV out on the Pundit.

If it was the ivtv stuff, then it would die no matter which machine
was the frontend right?

Can anybody offer any insights?

Many thanks...


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