[mythtv-users] Lirc with Universal Remote question

nowhere nowhere at cox.net
Tue Oct 12 02:39:08 UTC 2004

Hey everyone!

I have had myth up and running for some time using PVR-250 and the grey
remote (and Hauppauge receiver). Works fine. Im trying to update to use
my Sony RM-V202 but no lircd.conf is available.  So Im trying irrecord.
I can start it up fine

irrecord -d /dev/lircd test.out

Put my Sony to a Philips VCR (Code 013 for this remote) and I hit enter
twice to start the random button recording but it times out without
every receiving a signal. This remote controls all my other units fine.

So next I try the same thing using the grey Hauppauge remote that is
currently working fine with myth on this very machine and same thing.

This means that the common problem is the user. What am I missing?


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