[mythtv-users] Nuvexport - Is anyone sucessfully extracting withthe DVD profile?

Rex Wheeler rex at fuzzy.com
Mon Oct 11 23:04:10 UTC 2004

Well I have been able to get the transcode to come out pretty close by
specifying --sync-offset -600ms to mplex. 

To answer your question I am dealing with NTSC video. The recordings I
am trying to convert were made almost a year ago, but I tried converting
one I did today on current build (0.16) and I get the same delay.

I have tried a couple different profiles and they all seem to do the
same thing. (I will try the rest of them and report back if any come up
"working") I am using all the default values that are prompted by the
various profiles.

I came up with the 600ms offset just by "eyeballing and listening" but I
am looking for a way to accurately determine what the offset needs to be
(assuming I can't figure out why I need an offset) Does anyone have a
suggestion as to a program that will allow me to watch the video
(slowly) and display a waveform for the audio and allow me visually
figure out what the offset needs to be?



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> When I extract the audio is out of sync with the video (audio is ahead
> by about a second)

I have no trouble with my mpeg4 nuv files.  Are yours NTSC or PAL?

> I am using the DVD profile and accepting all of the defaults.

Have you tried any other export profiles?  Different recordings?

On a related note, I do have a number of recordings made with mythtv cvs

during the first two weeks of september (and the last couple of days of 
august) that do NOT convert without sync problems.  They play fine in 
myth, but any attempt to export them is out of sync.  I don't know what 
caused the problems, but it was obviously something with CVS during that

period since earlier and later recordings are fine.  I have no idea how 
to fix them.

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