[mythtv-users] HDTV on Myth -- is it a "myth?"

Brandon Beattie brandon+myth at linuxis.us
Mon Oct 11 19:12:39 UTC 2004

On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 02:43:07PM -0400, Cory Papenfuss wrote:
> >I probably should open a new thread for this but anyway..  I took a
> >little trip over to pcHDTV and took a fresh box (except the new hd-3000
> >driver was working on this already) and installed Mythtv.  Nothing odd
> >came up at all.  Myth started right up, live-tv and recording.  TV
> >signals also worked, which the dev from pcHDTV didn't think would work.
> >The HD-3000 uses Video4linux 2, and everything but the signal check
> >should work using regular v4l.  .. They're going to see why signal
> >checking does work. :)  So no need to worry about support for the
> >HD-3000, it works right off.
> >
> >Now for QAM.  pcHDTV does have the micro code for the QAM on the
> >HD-3000 card.  This means support will be coming.  pcHDTV was not able
> >to get the microcode (yet?) for the HD-2000 and it's a shot in the dark
> >at getting stable QAM support working on the HD-2000, but it's not
> >impossible.  It would probably be easier to try and convience them to
> >give pcHDTV the microcode than hack at it from how things were stated to
> >me.
> 	Sounds about right.  Microcode for the Oren chip.  Fairly unloved 
> hex code.  As long as QAM support is planned eventually, that sound good.
> >
> >Other than QAM, there isn't much difference in what people can expect.
> >There's a little more multi-path rejection in the hd-3000, but not
> >enough to make a deal of.  That's really all to say.
> 	... and 3.3v pci rather than 5v, right?


> >
> >Pre-sales are to start in the next week or two, shipping a week or two
> >after that.
> >
> >--Brandon
> >
> 	OK... that's what I was looking for.  I think it was basically a 
> cost-reduction and parts-availibility redesign.

parts-availibility was 99.9% and the last place the card was made burnt
down.  I'm not sure on the cost, from what I've been told it will be
selling for nearly the same amount.


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