[mythtv-users] X Windows redisplay via ssh

Travis Kelley rhatguy at comcast.net
Sun Oct 10 21:27:07 EDT 2004

This is probably not really a question for the mythtv mailing list as
your question referrs to remote x display but whatever.  You need an
xserver for your windows machine.  There are a few ways to go about
this.  There are programs like exceed or xwin which are xservers only. 
They accept connections from x clients (your mythtv machine) and display
programs on your normal windows desktop.  When you telnet to the mythtv
machine you simply set your display like this
export DISPLAY=laptopip:0.0
Then when you run an x based program it will be displayed onto the
laptop's xserver.  

One way to do this with opensource software is to load up cygwin.  Its
really overkill for just an xserver but should suit your needs.  I'm not
terribly familiar with cygwin but you should be able to find plenty of
documentation online for setting it up.  Hope this helps.


On Sun, 2004-10-10 at 21:05, Michael Fenston wrote:
> Michael T. Dean wrote:
> > 3) Is is possible to merge my original xorg.conf and xorg350.conf 
> > files together so I can see the same output on both at the same time?  
> > My test TV is a little blurry so I would like to be able to continue 
> > debug with the monitor for awhile.  My plan is to really test this 
> > well before putting it out in the living room (again).  Ticked the 
> > wife off the first time around!  That is my advice to all after my 
> > SageTV experience.  Use the TIVO (or VCRs) until you have all the 
> > quirks worked out of whatever PC based PVR you eventually decide on! :)
> >
> > Possible, yet.  Stable, probably not.  Most of the time when running X 
> > on the PVR-350 framebuffer, having a video card driver installed 
> > causes significant instability.  I tried to debug that way, but found 
> > it caused too many problems, so I just hooked it to the TV (where I 
> > couldn't read a bunch of stuff), and used X Windows redisplay via ssh 
> > to work my way through the setup section.
> >
> > HTH.
> >
> > Mike
> >
> Hello again ...
> This message is directed toward Mike Dean but help from anyone on this 
> appreciated ...
> I now have X Windows running on my small TV using the PVR-350 TVOUT and 
> would like to be able to redirect everything on that screen to my laptop 
> running WindowsXP somehow so the text is clear for debugging and 
> centering the picture on the TV.  I only have 1 machine (this mythtv 
> box) running linux at home so figured I could use my laptop running 
> Windows VNC or Windows SSH ... I found this program called PuTTY for 
> SSH.  Both these programs let me login to the mythtv box and do 
> something ... I can launch X applications with Windows VNC and I can get 
> a telnet like session going with PuTTY but I'm not sure how to get stuff 
> to go in the reverse direction ... IE: whatever is being displayed on 
> the TV getting moved to the laptop somehow.  Any help appreciated ... is 
> there a HOWTO somewhere on this?  Can someone fill in the missing links 
> on what to do here or a better approach?
> Thanks,
> -Mike
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