[mythtv-users] Previously-recorded videos not playing

Alan Murrell lists at murrell.ca
Sun Oct 10 21:44:15 UTC 2004

Hi There,

I have got MythTV installed, and it is working well with regards to
watching TV, playing MP3s, watching recorded material (from MythTV),

I have some other videos that were mostly recorded using mp1e, and they
play fine in MPlayer on another computer.  However, they seem not able
to be played in MythTV.  When I "browse" the video list in MythTV, these
"previously recorded" videos, the information that MythTV gives is that
all the information is "Unknown" and the runtime is "0 minutes", which I
guess makes sense, if MythTV has no idea about the video.  However, as I
mentions, when I bring up the "Action Menu", and select "Watch This
Video", nothing happens.

I don't have a "mythfrontend" log file; only for "mythbackend" :-(

Any ideas or pointers on this would be appreciated.


Alan Murrell

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