[mythtv-users] ipods with mythmusic

Jack Burghardt jack at colades.dyndns.org
Sun Oct 10 04:09:04 UTC 2004

With mythmusic riping is posible to load files on  ipod that what i do 
from samba share on my imac or laptop.    Would be nice to be able to 
copy playlist and music from mythmusic to ipod. There are few
programs and howto on using ipod under linux 
http://www.neuron.com/~jason/ipod.html . Adding button to mythmusic 
would be easy, but how to copy mythmusic playlist to ipod, now i copy 
all music to itunes and then create playlist , How would that be posible 
with music

On other note
Do you guys think that freeipods.com works the kevin from screensavers 
on g4/tech tv said that it worked for him. Try this

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