[mythtv-users] MythPhone (and several other questions)

Robert Rozman rozman at fri.uni-lj.si
Sat Oct 9 13:29:41 UTC 2004


what about GSM ? It's quite popular in VOIP world (also Asterisk) and it
works from my dialup (it's 13kbps + IP overhead).



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> > On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 13:19:18 -0500, Caleb Adams <caleb at edadams.net>
> > > I was hoping to use MythPhone but had a question (or two):
> > >
> > > Can you use a standard 56K to use the phone part?
> >
> > It is not recommended, but I guess for the voice-only it'd be fine. I
> > wouldn't try video with it (can you say "1fps"?).
> Do you mean that you have dial-up Internet access and not broadband?  If
> then it isn't going to work as the only speech codec supported today is
> G.711 which is 80k.  I intend to add G.726 as its already in the avcodec
> library when I finish the stuff I'm doing now.
> Or do you mean use a 56k modem to plug a phone into? If so; then the
> is I have no idea; it depends on whether this looks like a standard
> soundcard to linux or not.  Would be interested to find out though if
> knows.


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