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Mike Ryan mythtv at redmar.com
Sat Oct 9 14:43:23 UTC 2004


With XBMC, I believe that you need to modify the initial startup menu to include
a link for "My TV" to go with the others such as "My Video", "My Music", etc.

There's a readme attached to the distribution that explains which files should
go into which dir for this to happen.

Dist can be found here:

Also, you may be better off posting questions on this to the xboxmediacentre
discussion forum as most people here would use the standard MythTV frontend.
There's a specific thread running on the Python Scripts Development forum
regarding this:

Incidentally, to answer your quesiton, I use MythTV 0.16 & an XBMC build from
sometime in June (can't remember which and I'm not at home at the moment)
without any problems. I'm in Pal-Land (UK)



Quoting Kevin dePfyffer <listman at depfyffer.com>:

> Has anyone been able to get the mythtv python script for XBMC to work?
> I'm running xbmc 8-18-04 build, mythtv .16 and have /mnt/store available
> via smb. after I copy everything over to the XBMC folder I don't see
> anything new in my menu(xbmc menu), am I missing some thing? The only
> thing I can think of is the requirement "python scripting for xbmc" I have
> no clue what that means and cant find any answers on google (sorry if this
> is really easy answer but I am not an xbox guy) I have xbox-mythtv running
> but want to get rid of the long boot times and I'm in the process of
> rebuilding xbox frontend and mythtv backend (new hard drives for backend -
> I'm running out of room)
> thanks for any advice.
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