[mythtv-users] High CPU / Lockups. Diagnosis?

mark mark at onnow.net
Sat Oct 9 12:40:55 UTC 2004

I am looking to reduce the load on my new Myth Box.  It seems very high.
Just watching live tv puts the load to anywhere between .80 and 1.70

Info on setup:
Celeron 2.4GHZ
512 RAM
single PVR-250
NVidia 5200 TVOUT
SB 5.1 card
120gig SATA drive
( this setup should have plenty of horsepower from what I have been 
reading )

Fefora 2 following Jerrods howto. ( including the xfs / video partition 
I have changed no other settings at all.

( do you need any other version info? )

So, I am also seeing some lockups.
When I got up this am, the load was 1.71, mythbackend was taking 42% of 
the CPU and the frontend was frozen.
I restarted the backend and that reduced the load but did not free the 
frontend.  I had to kill mythfrontend and restart it.
I am seeing no log message errors in var/log/mythtv/*

I have seen allot of people saying there are problems with commercial 
detection/highload/crashing. Could this be it?

What can I try to fix this? It only ran for 12 hours before crashing.
Do I need to use some different version numbers of some packages?

Thanks for the help

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