[mythtv-users] I have written a DVB-T (freeview) auto channel setup script..

George Styles george at ripnet.co.uk
Sat Oct 9 12:30:41 UTC 2004


Sorry for xpost if its not approriate.

Following the recent re-shuffle of PIDs in the UK on Freeview, I got fed up manually setting up channels.

I have written a PHP script which uses dvbscan (part of the LinuxTV tools) to dump out the channel list, and populate the channel tables in MythTV.

It populates channel, dvb_channel, and dvb_pids automatically.

At the moment, you have to change one line to indicate the starting frequency for your local transmitter. LinuxTV is supplied with a list of transmitters and their frequencies.

It uses the ServiceID as the chanID in mythtv (as I believe these stay constant)

It also 'fixes up' the radio channels by assigning a dummy video PID from the same MUX, so they work in MythTV.

It outputs a SQL script, which you can pipe to mysql to do the setup.

Can I contribute this to mythtv? i also wanted to contribute my auto-archive script (which only works for DVB recordings) as well. Is is possible to have partial CVS access for my tools? If not, I will throw together a web page with them on.

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