[mythtv-users] Lower-Powered Mini PC and Myth

J. Alexander Jacocks jjacocks at mac.com
Sat Oct 9 05:13:02 UTC 2004

I'm sort of a long-time lurker, but this is my first real shot at 
building a MythTV box.  I'd like the opinion of anyone here on the 
hardware that I'm using:

Mini ( < miniATX) Intel 810 MB
Pentium III/1gHz
384mb PC100 RAM
Maxtor 200gb/7200rpm drive
Hauppage WinTV PVR 350 (using the tv-out on this card)
Hauppage WinTV PVR 250 (maybe as a scond tuner, not yet purchased)
Running Gentoo w/ Myth 0.16

I can play DVD's with 33% (approximately) CPU usage, using SDL (at 
1024x768, 24bpp, fullscreen) with mplayer.

Thanks for any and all opinions.

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