[mythtv-users] RE: Nuvexport - Is anyone sucessfully extracting with the DVD profile?

Michael J. Sherman msherman at dsbox.com
Sat Oct 9 03:46:20 UTC 2004

>  I have a bunch of stuff recorded that I would like to extract in DVD
> format and eventually burn to a DVD. My capture card does not do MPEG2
> so they are "standard" nuv files. I don't need help creating or burning
> the DVD, all I need to do is get working mpeg files.
> When I extract the audio is out of sync with the video (audio is ahead
> by about a second)
> I am using the DVD profile and accepting all of the defaults.
> I am running nuvexport version 2004.96.06 (xris), transcode version
> v0.6.12, mplex version 1.6.2 (2.2.3), and Mythtranscode is version 0.16
> Can anyone confirm that the export to DVD profile works correctly? and
> if so, can they also let me know the versions of the tools involved? 

I have this exact same problem, and just about posted this exact same 
message to the list a week ago.

I, too, have the non-MPEG2 nuv files, and am also using transcode 0.6.12 
and mplex 1.6.2 (2.2.3).  My audio is one second ahead of the video.

Anyone with non-MPEG2 nuv files have DVD export working correctly???

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