[mythtv-users] Poor electrical ground (older apt.) + Nvidia tv out = poor tv quaility

Wayne Steenburg w.steenburg at myactv.net
Fri Oct 8 19:41:35 UTC 2004

I built my myth box about a month ago and was never happy with the tv
out on either my GF4 MX440 or the onboard video on my chaintech.  Last
week I decided to record a show for my daughter on Nickelodeon.
Apparently that station's sound is set lower than most so I had to turn
up the volume on my amplifier. This resulted in an annoying humming
noise. I tried adjusting all the sound settings to no avail.  I read a
message on this list talking about ground loops. I live in an older
building which doesn't have grounded recepticles so I had connected the
ground screw to the neutral wire ( They eventually go to the same place
in the electrical panel, so it's usually better then nothing.)  After
reading a link (Thanks Lachlan!)


in the message I ran a new circuit to my entertainment center.  Not only
did the humming go away, but the tv-out is crystal clear.  I guess it's
doubtful that everyone who is dissatisfied with their tv out is
suffering from grounding-issues, but I thought I'd throw this out there.
Maybe it'll help someone.

Wayne Steenburg

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