[mythtv-users] Re:X Freezes blank on 'watch tv'

Erik erik at effworld.com
Fri Oct 8 18:55:43 UTC 2004

Have you tried going in to the taskbar settings in KDE and making sure
that it does have the "always on top" setting selected.

- Erik

> I have been having the same problem with my dual 833Mhz PIII mythbox
> (Dell Precision 420, 256Mb RAMBUS, PVR-250, 108ck ivtv, atrpms install
> per Jarod, 6111 nvidia driver) .  Mythvideo playback was working fine.
> Last night I may have fixed it so that everything is working, or maybe
> not of course :)
> I scanned these posts and didn't find any details of your cpu spec, but
> i suspect that my box may have been having problems
> scaling/deinterlacing under live-TV and playback of recordings.  When I
> changed to 800x600 resolution through the S-Video out on my PNY MX440
> card, everything started working.  So if you are using a ~1280x1024-ish
> resolution on old-ish hardware like I was, I suggest you try reducing
> the resolution and see what effect that might have on the problem.
> I have no idea how the scaling and xv-overlay work, so I might be
> talking nonsense (especially seeing as how the problem seems to come
> and go as it pleases), but at least for me, at least for now, this
> fixed the problem.  I suspect that it may be related to cpu power
> because I have never seen the problem with my XP1700+ mythbox which is
> running the same software versions all around.  If you're running dual
> 6GHz P4s or something, it's probably something else :)

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